Fishing Ucluelet on the West Coast of Vancouver Island!

Why choose Ucluelet when there are so many spots to go salmon fishing on Vancouver Island?
Many fishermen believe that Ucluelet is the most consistent producer of Chinook, Coho and halibut on the west coast – three of the most desirable catches for anglers around the world. Ucluelet also has the best weather for both wind and rain on the west coast. During the summer, Ucluelet doesn’t see too much rain, and much less wind than the north and south coasts of Vancouver Island. While it’s still the west coast, meaning there can be some pretty wild storms, Ucluelet offers plenty of sheltered areas that are home to lots of fish.


Fishing in Ucluelet made easy!

So, how easy is it to get to Ucluelet? Just as easy as getting to Alaska, if not more so. From Vancouver, it’s a short ferry ride across to Nanaimo, and then a scenic 2.5-hour drive. The largest nearby town is Port Alberni, which an hour outside of Ucluelet, and the infamous town of Tofino is just thirty minutes down the road. Highway four is paved all the way to its end where Ucluelet lies. Be sure you bring coolers that are large enough to take all your salmon and halibut home! A lot of guests end up having to buy extra coolers in order to pack all their salmon and halibut home with them.


Salmon Fishing in Ucluelet

There are so many places to fish offshore of Ucluelet, which is why it’s a great destination for a seasoned guide, and can be frustrating for someone who doesn’t know the area. If you know what you’re doing, or with someone that does, the rich waters of Ucluelet can be extremely rewarding – there are over thirty areas to fish! Knowing the areas that are producing is the key to success. There are days that experienced fishing guides are filling coolers with 100-150lbs of salmon and halibut. Most people that have fished other places, including Alaska, are often surprised at the number of fish coming in!

The Town of Ucluelet!

Ucluelet is just south of the halfway mark of Vancouver Island and is at the very edge of the west coast. It’s a quaint fishing village of only 1600 people, which nearly doubles in the summer thanks to the great scenery, activities like fishing, and beautiful beaches. Even so, you still might wonder where all the tourists are, as compared to other destinations and Ucluelet’s neighbour, Tofino, 3200 people is nothing! The quiet vibe of Ucluelet is much appreciated by visitors and locals alike. You can still enjoy all the services you’d get in any other town including relaxing at a great restaurant, treating yourself to a day at a fabulous, ocean-side spa, paying a visit to the aquarium, or enjoying a drink on a patio somewhere. Plus, you can do it all with an ocean view.