Ucluelet BC is a prized spot for fishing Salmon and Halibut!

Vancouver Island is situated in one of the most active salmon runs in the world. Salmon every year are returning to the ocean to lay there eggs and return back to the fresh waters of the Campbell River. All of which happens in the heart of the waters surrounding Vancouver Island, BC. While many anglers know that Vancouver Island is one of the best spots in the world for salmon the area is surprisingly still remote and can provide a great salmon vacation for your family without the headaches of booking a trip in Alaska. fishing salmon bc

Canada vs. the US

Some vacationers think that booking in Canada could be more difficult than booking in the U.S. Nothing could be further then the truth. Canada has long made it easy for Americans to vacation in Canada. Just find a local guide and ask them for instructions on what they will need to do. And don't worry about Customs. Just have your Fishing Guide vacuum pack and mail your fish to your U.S. residence. This way you won't have to lug around your huge catch and it will stay nice and fresh for you.

General Salmon Info

firefox Types of Salmon : Though there are five types of salmon, most guides focus on the two that make for the most exciting trips. Chinook (Kings) and Coho (Silvers) put up the best fight on the line and taste fantastic. Sometimes, guides also bring in a few Chum or Pink salmon as incidentals. Sockeye Salmon are usually caught around river mouths and Inlets. In the areas around Vancouver Island, there are also many places for combination halibut and salmon fishing. In fact, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, you can catch both species in the same area and even the same day, unlike a lot of other locations. Chinooks are the pride and prize of salmon fishing. They are often the largest and most entertaining to catch. They are strong and many give the line a good pull. Chinook feed at greater depth than Cohos, and they are certainly more selective about what they eat, making them more of a treasure to catch. Cohos are known for biting well, and they feed pretty close to the surface. Cohos, especially larger ones, can put up a fight on the line, sometimes even jumping into the air. Any size of Coho is exciting, though, since the smaller fish make for especially flavorful fillets.

Halibut - the other white meat!

firefoxVancouver Island is also known for being one of the best places to fish for Pacific Halibut. This tasty treat is a flat-fish that is black on one side and white on the bottom side. It will lay on its' side on the floor bottom and eat fish passing by with its large mouth. It has very few enemies and is one of the top of the sea food chain. Because of this they can be very large. The record Pacific Halibut weighed over 700 lbs. They taste best when they are smaller and younger and can be a real delight when cooked correctly. When booking a trip to BC for salmon fishing be sure to make some time in your trip to try and catch one of the oceans tastiest treats.

Halibut are fun to catch, since they are not as common as salmon. Small to mid size halibut don't usually make trouble or thrash around while on the line, though some large ones do. The smaller halibut, under 40 pounds, usually taste better than the larger ones, though, since their meat is less grainy.