Salmon Fishing Trends in BC!

Fishing in BC: One trend that has been occurring over the last several years is that salmon runs have continued to move further off shore. Whereas several years ago, salmon were more plentiful within 1 mile from the coast, now the more productive fishing takes place between 3-20 miles offshore. Luckily, these distances are still easily traversable during a day of fishing!


Salmon also live between 3-7 years. This means that they return to the rivers between 3-7 times in their lives. Obviously, the older salmon (3-4 years) are larger and more fun to catch than the younger salmon.
Some years are expected to have higher numbers of larger, older salmon than others. Because of the variance of the rivers and the salmon run movements, these predictions are not always an accurate reflection of the year's overall catch, though. Some years that are expected to have smaller fish actually provide bigger fish than the years before!
Every season is different, and good guides will respond with knowledge and skill to daily and even hourly changes in salmon behavior, helping you get the best possible catch while on your trip!
Is Weather a Factor?

When booking your trip make sure you factor in the weather. Northern Vancouver Island and BC get much more rain and wind than Southern Vancouver Island. Check out the Canada Marine Weather Center for the latest forecasts. Vancouver Island South often has nicer weather during the summer months, although it is one of the only places you can fish in the winter, too.